Do you get worried you’re just not doing enough to showcase your business online and on the right social media platforms but get confused when you start looking at setting up Facebook and Instagram.

Your business needs a strong social media presence to outwit the competition and I can help you grow online.


To gain maximum impact online, your Facebook and Instagram accounts need to be set up correctly and showcase your business to stand out. I can help you with set up, help you understand how to make the most of your profile, and create content that your patients find useful and interesting.
I can help you create the most entertaining and meaningful content online that your potential customers will engage in and thus begin to see you as an expert in your industry by creating an easy to implement strategy,
I understand how busy you are, and if you really don’t have the time and would like to spend more time serving your customers – I can take it off your hands and do it all for you.
Here’s the icing on the cake though – if you’re looking to increase your customer base, I can help you bring in more customers through Facebook advertising.


👓I’ve been married to an optician for almost 20 years and have over 20 years of PR and marketing experience. Bring the two together, and you’ll find I have the perfect combination of technical knowledge and marketing expertise to grow your business online.

👓I know how your optician business runs; I have a solid understanding that opticians have a clinical obligation towards their patients with eye examinations but they also have a retail arm that brings in the majority of their income. I understand how important the customer journey is from the time a patient decides to visit you until they leave. I can show you how to bring your services and products in front of your ideal customer online.


Does it sound super sad if I tell you that I like to spend my spare time organising and tidying? Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch are my virtual ‘best friends’. I’ll happily sit and chat with you for hours about tidying solutions, organisational ideas and putting systems into place.