How to use emojis on social media!

Which camp do you sit in? Yes emojis are great and they really help get your point across or no, they’re a little childish and discredit your writing?

Let’s break things down here! 

What are emoji’s?

Emoji’s also known as emoticons are essentially small digital images or icons used to display facial expressions, tone of voice, and human gestures in digital communication. Not only do they express emotions, emoji’s are also used to convey meaning in communication. Hence, their use can add contextual or additional emotional meaning to communication. They are most commonly used with millennials. Like these, you might 


When should we use them?

There’s no hard and fast rule of where to use emojis! Yes, words are king and the reader needs to not get distracted by emojis but they’re great for making a point or if you need to separate a list out. 

Why is it important to use emojis on social media?

Emojis work wonders for engagement, it’s always easier to leave a heart or an adoring emoji on someone’s post than it is to articulate our thoughts into words.

Using an emoji in a tweet can increase engagement by 25% in comparison to without the emoji. In a Facebook posts, shares can be seen to go up by about 33%. And for Instagram posts engagement can up by 48%. That’s crazy right?! 

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when using emojis:  

  1. Don’t go crazy, avoid over using emojis, the saying less is more, yes, that’s relevant here!
  2. Avoid using emojis in serious situations, gauge the context, there’s nothing worse than using laughing emojis if someone’s died (oops).
  3. Know what the emojis mean when you use them. In this case it’s always always safe than to be sorry, if you don’t know what it means, don’t use it. Very simple!
  4. Don’t force it, if it doesn’t seem right, avoid it, there’s nothing worse than tacking on a bunch of random emojis just because you feel like you have to.