Welcome!! Come have a read of my first blog post and learn a little bit more about me...

A Little Bit About Me

Hello! I’m Fatema Haji and I live with my husband and three children in North West London.

I’m a freelance social media Consultant and Facebook Ads expert who loves what they do. I have over 20 years of PR and marketing experience and you’ll find that I have the perfect combination of technical knowledge and marketing expertise to help you grow your business in the online world.

My favourite social Media platform

It has to be Facebook. It’s my first love and I’m still totally in love with it. It’s not too noisy and as fast moving as Instagram and quirkier than LinkedIn. Just love the community feel that it creates and the ability to reach new audiences as a business.

My Advice For Someone Starting Out On Social Media

Consistency is key! The more you show up the more you’ll get noticed. How you communicate on social media doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to be relatable to people you want to connect with.

Something Not Work Related

Does it sound super sad if I tell you that I like to spend my spare time organising and tidying? Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch are my virtual ‘best friends’ I’ll happily sit and chat with you about tidying solutions organisational ideas and putting systems in place.

Join me for a virtual coffee
You can connect with me via email or just send a message via one of the social media platforms I hang out on. Or book a call – https://calendly.com/fatemahaji/30min

Bye for now…

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