Do you use Instagram to Grown Your Business? Do you find that there are so many parts to Instagram that you need to be aware of, that’s almost like creating content for so many different platforms? 

Here’s a simple breakdown of all the areas of Instagram that you need to know about and how to use them

Your bio – use your bio to explain what you do in short and sharp sentences. Use this section to build your authority by showcasing your expertise. Give vital information like your website or location and how people can contact you. 

Direct Messaging – better known as DMs – it’s like WhatsApping your followers and building a connection with them by having a direct conversation with them. Keep the conversation flowing here. 

Carousels – do you like posting pictures to your feed? Do your audience like to see pictures of your products or services? Use the carousel to post a series of pictures to tell your story. 

Stories – stories are a quick way to engage with your audience. Give them a snapshot of your day or your business in just a few seconds. People aren’t interested in what you do the WHOLE day but just want to get a snapshot. Showcase some of your products or services here too. 

Highlights – this section is a collection of your stories sorted out Marie Kondo style. Think of it like the tabs on your website bar. Label the highlights correctly so people know where to go to get information quickly. 

Reels – They’re all over social media new at the moment and definitely don’t need an introduction. Short, videos to entertain, engage and inform your audience. 

Lives – a feature that lets you live stream or broadcast video to your Instagram followers in real-time. Live videos live next to Stories, just above the main Instagram feed.

Guides – Instagram Guides are like a miniature blog on Instagram. They allow users to scroll through a curated flow of content with commentary — similar to a blog post. They can be used to curate gift guides, product highlights, content roundups, FAQ guides etc. 

If you suffer from Instagram overwhelm just explore a few of the features and ensure you do them well. You really don’t have to make every area of Instagram perfect but it’s always good to know what exists. 


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